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John Librett, PhD, MPH

Survivor Architect

While in medical school, John was diagnosed with cancer. During this experience, he gained valuable insight to the tremendous challenges faces by doctors, patients, and family members. As a result of his experience, John found his passion is improving the lives of individuals suffering from catastrophic illness and injury. As a cancer survivor, Dr. Librett is a past member of the Lance Armstrong Foundation's Public Health Advisory Board, Clinical Director of the American Medical Athletic Association's Clinical Advisory Board and past chair of a White House Federal Interagency Health Council. Dr. Librett is a former health scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Institute Clinical Conference Series in Preventive Medicine. Dr. Librett is recognized for his leadership in preventive medicine, clinical translation and health policy.

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Grant Jackson, M.D.

Integrative Medicine

Dr. Jackson went to medical school with the simple idea of helping people.

"My mom died from cancer when I was nine years old. I remember visiting her in the hospital and seeing the worry in her eyes.  As a nine year old I didn’t feel suddenly “called” to a career in medicine but the experience broadened my empathy towards those who are suffering.  Ultimately these feelings nudged me towards becoming a physician."

Dr. Jackson chose family medicine because he fell in love with the idea of working with people from all walks of life.

"There are so many people with chronic and debilitating medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, fatigue, depression, anxiety, arthritis, and insomnia. Many struggle with several of these problems at the same time."

To better serve his patients, Dr. Jackson extended his training by completing a two year fellowship with the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

"I am convinced that everyone can prevent or reverse any chronic condition, symptom or concern.  The body has a wonderful innate capacity for self-healing.  My passion is to help people activate and enhance the healing process."

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Carly B Snow,  MA, AMFT, E-RYT

Health Counselor, Marriage & Family Therapist

Carly is passionate, interactive, transparent, and very conversational. Carly believes it is important that we take some time to feel out if we are a good fit for one another. When in alignment, therapy is powerful, transformative, and effective, and it works best when both the client and therapist are committed to the process together. Carly invites your willingness to take risks, to make mistakes, to experience your humanity. Be willing to ask all the questions, to be curious, open, and steadfast in transforming and actualizing to your dreams. All my Blessings. Carly is relatable, personable, and nurturing while willfully walking with you towards the light. Carly is committed as your soul accomplice and ally, as a devoted and loving traveler, to help you to answer the calling of your souls longing.  Carly is trained in Somatic Healing, Reiki, Yoga Asana and Depth Inquiry, Wilderness Ritual/Ceremony/Dream Work

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Amanda Speer, LCSW

Disease Trauma

Amanda Speer believes all of us are on some form of journey. Sometimes our journeys are smooth, other times they're complicated and maybe frightening. Very few people create and sustain change all alone. Community is essential and it can be fun. There are so many directions to head and goals to accomplish on our journeys.  Amanda's passion is working with individuals leading people and groups on their paths. A cancer diagnosis generally creates a new path for those diagnosed, as well as care givers and loved ones. Amanda, works with individuals and groups on processing, planning, leading, and updating our paths to success.


Amanda Butler

Health Counselor, Therapist

Amanda believes that a caring and genuine therapeutic relationship can assist people in living a more meaningful, joyful, and productive life. Therapy provides a non-judgmental space in which to explore ways of navigating life’s stresses and challenges, find freedom from depression and anxiety, heal from trauma, and connect more deeply with yourself. Amanda's approach is person-centered, gentle, direct, and practical, with an emphasis on finding hope and meaning even in the midst of suffering. Within the safe space of the therapeutic relationship we will work together to address any difficulties you are experiencing, connect to your inner strength, and find joy in celebrating the growth and little victories that are part of the journey.  Amanda welcomes people from all backgrounds.  She has special insight into depression, anxiety, grief and loss, meaning and identity, trauma, career issues, women’s issues, health challenges, and inner conflicts related to faith and spirituality. In addition to talk therapy, Amanda also use interventions such as creative arts therapy, mindfulness practices, and dream work.

"It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves. The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it." ― Carl Jung 

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Tina Greening

Health Counselor, Therapist

I applauded the sentiment that Elisabeth Kübler-Ross once said that “the most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.” I enjoy companioning others in the depths of their lives and exploring the beauty in the pain we all have to feel.  I have been able to work with a range of individuals in my practice. I have experience working with women and children in a substance use setting for several years. I also have had experience with teens and elementary aged children with varying concerns. I work with a client-centered approach when collaborating on goals and desires of treatment. In the end, I wish to truly empower others to gain all the strength they need to seek out joy every day. 

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Courtney Marie Davies

Health Counselor, Therapist

Growing up and finding a place in the world is a difficult task for everyone. I am dedicated to improving the lives of children and adolescents through holistic approaches that focus on individual growth and acceptance of each child’s unique potential. I have experience working alongside adolescents in a wilderness therapy environment, aiming to develop personalized strategies to overcome challenges that might be associated with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, depression, and/or Bipolar Disorder. I also possess a background in Applied Behavior Analysis, heavily focused on early-intervention with elementary aged children. This approach is designed to increase desirable behavior and decrease problematic behavior that might be associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder such as self-harm or social skill deficits.   It is important for me to build meaningful relationships with clients and their caregivers so progress is experienced in all areas of life, not just during a therapy session. I aim to involve as many stakeholders as possible in a child’s growth so that overall social and emotional well-being can be achieved at home, school, and other critical environments. 

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Megan Hall

Health Counselor, Therapist

I have experience working with a variety of clinical issues including depression, substance abuse, family conflict, anxiety, and gender dysphoria. I find that people are more capable than they often believe. When given sufficient tools and support I have seen individuals overcome struggles they once found debilitating. I understand the importance of therapeutic relationships related to therapeutic success and encourage clients to find a therapist with whom they feel comfortable. While working with clients I strive to create an empathetic and candid atmosphere throughout the treatment process to promote change and growth.

"The best way out is always through.” -Robert Frost

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Chay Engebretsen

Health Counselor, Therapist

I am a firm believer in the resiliency of each person. I promote my clients to feel empowered, mindful, and welcomed in my office.
As a growing expert in the field, I walk through the therapy process using Cognitive Behavior (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) techniques, as well as some Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills.  I am confident that change comes from feeling personal self-confidence and using mindful-based practices and techniques to recognize self-success and achievements. My approach tends to be very humanistic with a belief that my client’s are the experts of their own stories. We will be a collaborative team in the process, setting goals to achieve what is needed to be a healthy and happy start. I appreciate my client’s humanity and resiliency in our work together. We will be very like to have some laughs in the meantime as well! I am very focused on creating a good connection with my clients, so please contact me to see if we are a good fit for what you are looking for! 

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Beth Winter, MNT

Master Nutrition Therapist

Beth is a Master Nutrition Therapist that specializes in oncology nutrition, including ketogenic diets, nutritional support during treatment and support for cancer cachexia. Beth is a survivor of malignant melanoma and used the ketogenic and low-carb methods as part of her own journey back to health. Beth studied under keto experts, Patricia Daly, author of The Ketogenic Kitchen and Jess Kelley, co-author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer. Beth works with cancer patients and cancer survivors to helped them reach their nutritional goals and optimal health. In 2015, she graduated from a nationally accredited program at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado. Beth’s holistic approach to health and nutrition allows her to care for each client’s “whole” being. Proper nutrition is the foundation of lasting health and vibrant well-being. Beth will teach you the art and science behind developing a diet and lifestyle based on your unique situation and biochemical makeup. As a holistic nutritionist, mother, cancer survivor, thriver, and enthusiastic epicurean, Beth's desire is to revolutionize how people approach their own health.

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Bea Hammond, L.Ac., MTCM, 


Bea Hammond is a third generation healthcare provider. She grew-up in Berlin, Germany. She received her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz in 2001.  After practicing acupuncture in California for seven years, she opened the Harmony Acupuncture Clinic here in Salt Lake City in 2008. She treats a variety of health problems, including mental and physical disorders related to stress, hormone imbalance, infertility, post-surgical recovery, migraine headaches, digestive disorders, immune deficiencies and various pain syndromes, as well as side-effects from cancer treatments. She has also worked as an Acupuncture Detox Specialist, providing ear acupuncture to youth in the juvenile justice system to reduce their withdrawal symptoms, cravings and stress. She does a lot of volunteer work with cancer survivors. She helped start the free treatment program at The Cancer Wellness House, and provides free acupuncture treatments once a month.

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Karena Luttmer, L.Ac.


Karena Luttmer earned her Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is certified as a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM.).  Karena completed an internship at the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine in Harbin, China, receiving advanced certification in clinical Chinese Herbology. Training includes adjunctive therapies such as moxibustion, tuina, shiatsu, acupressure, cupping, auriculotherapy, electrical stimulation (e-stim), and dietary/lifestyle recommendations.  Karena runs her own practice, Thrive Acupuncture of Utah and works at Primary Children’s Hospital as the Integrative Medicine Practitioner, providing both inpatient and outpatient care to children. She volunteers for the the Cancer Wellness House, and provides free acupuncture treatments once a month.

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Monica LaCome, LMT

Gentle Scar Tissue Release

Monica has more than 17 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist in Utah.

Monica graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2000. Monica is trained in Oncology Massage and has spent many hours volunteering with oncology clients. She also works as a hospice massage therapist.   Working with patients and their caregivers is Monica’s passion. She volunteers for the the Cancer Wellness House, and provides free massage treatments once a month.

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Kiera Lucich

Restorative Yoga

Kiera Lucich is a neural integration specialist and owner of Smart Move Wellness in Salt Lake City, Utah. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Kiera taught and performed dance professionally throughout the United States until landing in Utah in 2013 for a dance and yoga directorial program position at an international boarding school. Over the years, her love for dance evolved into a deep passion for wellness through neural integration, a movement-based method for rehabilitating neural pathways. Drawn to the holistic services of the Cancer Wellness House, Kiera is weekly volunteer serving as a restorative partner yoga practitioner, specializing in pain management and energetic balancing. She also serves as a Cancer Wellness House board member, with the goal of continuing their mission to build a wellness community, provide support and encourage people to live their brightest life as they conquer cancer.

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Bill Held

Yoga Teacher

Bill  started his Yoga journey at 45. What he needed in his life was to find  a new purpose and a sense of peace and well being after the loss of  his wife to cancer. His experience as a caregiver during that period gives him unique insight into the cancer journey. During the last 9 years, because of his Yoga practice, he has grown physically stronger, mentally clearer and calmer while renewing my spiritual beliefs.  Practicing Yoga has allowed Bill to look inward to himself to find the peace he had lost. Bill received his 200 hours teacher's training certificate here in Salt Lake City at We Are Yoga in 2013. Bill teaches Restorative classes, Fundamentals of Yoga, Hatha Basics, and Balance and Core classes. In addition to teaching at the Cancer Wellness house,  Bill also conducts classes at the Veterans Administration Hospital, LDS Hospital and 21st Yoga. Bill's goal is to share his knowledge of breathing, stretching, mindfulness and meditation to each student and to give them techniques that they can use in their everyday life.

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Art O'Connor, Exercise Physiologist

Functional Fitness

Art O'Connor is the founder of a strength and conditioning program SAFE which is based on the principle that our body is a creation of our beliefs.  Art received his degree at the University of Utah, Department of Exercise and Sport Science. Training a learning from experts such as Pavel Tsatsouline, Art is focused on helping individuals improve their functional fitness so they can enjoy a more fulfilling physical and spiritual life. In the pursuit of chasing our financial dreams Art believes we have abandoned our bodies. No matter where you are physically you can do something. If your goal is to simply be able to chase your grandkids around or to win your age group at an Ironman Art is here to get you there.  Working with individuals who have had a catastrophic diagnosis, such as cancer, requires a deep understanding of physiology, such as mictochondria, response to exercise. Through the SAFE program, Art will personalized your functional fitness protocols, to assure you have great health outcomes.