Abundance of information, dearth of wisdom

Have you or a loved one ever been diagnosed with cancer?

Examine the strategies available for cancer patients and survivors today: alternative, ayurvedic, complementary, chiropractic, eastern, western, osteopathic, and integrative, to name a few — How do patients first decypher then become better consumers of the medical, health, and wellness industry?

If you are a cancer patient, survivor, or caregiver, medical education is a necessity.  To be sure, all of these these medical approaches have valid claims to health benefits, with evidence to back-up these claims. And clustered within each one of these medical approaches are a dizzying number of clinical specialties, protocols, products, and services. The challenge for doctors and patient is to evaluate the evidence, assuring that cancer patients and cancer survivors receive:

1) The correct type of treatment (or therapy)

2) The correct amount of treatment

3) At the correct time

Also called a “prescription” or “protocol”, the individual cancer patient, survivor, caregiver, or loved-one must have some level of knowledge to evaluate these prescriptions and protocols. Developing this knowledge (and hopefully wisdom) can have an empowering effect on the patient, survivor, caregiver, and loved ones. As this new level of empowerment can significantly improve the probability for extraordinary health.

Trusted by both patients and doctors, Survivor Healthcare is a unique source for medical advisors, navigators, and clinicians. Our patients and family members learn about the health and wellness options, develop medical wisdom, and identify and implement specific outcomes, purpose, and strategy. By educating our patients on how to be better consumers of medicine, family members and patients can effectively integrate with proven therapies and emerging evidence.

As your trusted advisor, our promise is to work with you and your family to proactively engage the medical, health, and wellness industry.  With wisdom and strategy we offer a renewed position of strength, and a personalized cancer survivor plan.

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Extraordinary Health with Purpose!

John Librett