Example of medical errors from my OWN medical record

Evidence of medical error are found in the medical record.

Below are two examples of medical error, from my personal medical record.

The first error identifies me as 53 year old male - I was 33 y.o. at the time of my cancer treatment. Notice the report was signed-off by three separate clinicians.

This could be a problem as many protocols use age and sex as co-variates to determine an individual's correct clinical protocol.


This second medical error is a recent DEXA scan report to determine my bone health (a risk factor for thyroid cancer survivors).

Note the blue highlight - the report lists the reference group as "Postmenopausal Caucasian Women". So is the diagnosis accurate?

Librett DEXA 2017.jpg

What are the implications of these two medical errors?

At Survivor Healthcare we work with cancer patients, cancer survivors, caregivers, family members, and the clinical team to review the medical records for evidence and correction of medical errors.