We specialize in helping individuals and families live longer and better.

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Who We Are

Experts in disease care management, wellness, and life-optimizers for individuals and families who have experienced, or currently experiencing, a catastrophic illness or injury.

We bridge the gap between primary and specialty care:

  • Behavioral Counselors

  • Child and Family Therapists

  • Complementary Medicine Doctors

  • Depth Psychotherapy Experts

  • Educators

  • Functional Fitness Experts and Trainers

  • Integrative Medicine Doctors

  • Medical Informatics Experts

  • Oncology Nutritionists

  • Pharmacologist

  • Registered Dietitians

  • Sports Medicine Doctors

  • And Growing...

And growing.

What we do

We develop, deliver and manage individualized healthcare strategies.

We work with a referral network of providers to act on these strategies, helping patients live better, happier, and longer.

We work throughout the entire disease experience, from diagnosis to long-term survivorship. 

Why It Matters

Individuals diagnosed with a catastrophic illness or injury, such as cancer, can have significant increases in additional health risks, as a result of their diagnosis and treatments.

Many patients are lost in transitions between primary and speciality care.

Individuals and families, trying to coordinate one's own care or the care of a loved one, can fare poorly in the current health care system.

I remember the days when my doctors were successfully treating my cancer, yet I was on my own to treat all the “collateral damage.
— Dr. John Librett, Cancer Survivor & Founder, Survivor Healthcare

MOST common

side effects, adverse reactionS, AND ADDITIONAL DISEASE Caused by treatments 

Abdominal pain
Alanine aminotransferase elevation
Aminotransferase elevation
Arterial thromboembolic events
Atrial Fib
B-12 Deficiency
Back pain
Bloating in hands, arms, legs, feet, or face
Blood in the urine
Blurred vision
Cardiac dysfunction
Chest pain
Confusion or excitement
Coronary Arterial Disease
Cough with mucus
Decreased appetite
Deutrophil count decrease

Dry mouth
Fever or chills
GI perforation
Hemoglobin decrease
Hemorrhagic Events
Hepatic impairment
Hepatic toxicity
High blood pressure
Hot flashes
Interstitial lung disease
Joint pain
Kidney damage

Liver damage
Loss of bladder or bowel control
Loss of memory
Memory or attention span problems
Muscle and bone pain
Nightmares or vivid dreams
Painful or difficult urination
Peripheral Neuropathy
Platelet count decrease
Pounding in the ears
Rapid Breathing / Shallow Breathing
Shortness of breath

Slow or fast heartbeat
Sore throat
Thrombotic microangiopathy
Thyroid gland damage
Tingling of the hands or feet
Unable to move the leg
Unusual weight gain or loss
Upper respiratory tract infection
Urinary tract infection
Venous thromboembolic events
Weight loss
White blood cell count decrease

Patient Testimonials

I am feeling very positive today and about the future. I no longer run short of energy before the end of the day. I have not felt this good in many months, maybe years.
— Peter, Survivor Healthcare Patient
In a year and half of treatment, this is the first time I have felt someone is actually listening to me
— Pam, Peter, Survivor Healthcare Patient
Thank you for the work you did on my father’s case. Your insights were brilliant and you opened our eyes to the need for a highly skilled medical advisor who can help navigate through an intensely complex industry.
— Alexander, Survivor Healthcare Client
I remember the days when my doctors were successfully treating my cancer, yet I was on my own to treat all the “collateral damage.
— Dr. John Librett, Cancer Survivor & Founder, Survivor Healthcare

Why individuals, families, and medical providers need

Survivor healthcare

While sophisticated medical teams, medical technology, advances in medical research, and drug treatment are ensuring a rapidly growing population of survivors from catastrophic illness or injury; the financial health, mental health, and physical health, caused by the trauma of a catastrophic illness or injury, can significantly impair and delay full recovery.  Furthermore, optimal health strategies, including additonal screenings, diagnostics, and evidence-based therapies are not being fully utilized by doctors and patients.  Survivor Healthcare can:

  • Streamline access to follow-up care with vetted health care providers

  • Improve medical knowledge

  • Reduce medical errors

  • Prevent early disease on-set resulting from increased disease risk

  • Increase access to emerging science, medicine, and wellness

Personalized Health care

Survivor Care Plans


Medical Consumer Knowledge


Survivor Marketplace


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We are your trusted clinical resource for

  • Survivor Care Plan development, delivery, and management

  • Medical Record Review

  • Monthly follow-up calls

  • Education & Seminars

  • Preventive, Integrative, & Complimentary  Medicine

  • Healthcare Navigation

  • Surveillance and referral for disease recurrence

  • Referrals and scheduling for ongoing screenings

  • Management of early, late and long term treatment effects a catastrophic injury or illness such as cancer

  • Management, reduction, and treatment of symptoms

  • Support and resources for management of psychosocial effects of disease trauma

  • Personalized healthy lifestyle reviews

  • Medication reconciliation

  • 24/7 access to a dedicated team

  • Medical education

  • Monthly coaching

  • Custom research and curated products and services

  • Sampling and product education seminars

  • Navigator managed personal shoppers

Take the opportunity to improve health outcomes, happiness, and quality of life...



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