What matters to you,

matters to us.

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Meet Kaitlynn

Meet Darryl

Meet Treena

“It’s like telling your achievements to your friends, where they support you and congratulate you."

- Kaitlynn T.

Ewings Sarcoma Survivor

This is a place that’s safe, where people are sensitive and kind, and are willing to help in any way they can. An all encompassing treatment, not just 'oh you’re depressed', or 'oh you’re having some eating problems'.

- Julia S.

Breast Cancer Survivor

”Jess took my training wheels off!”

- Linda H.

Breast Cancer Survivor

It was as if they had a vested interest in your soul. They want you to have a great quality of life. Not just today but for the rest of your life.

- Darryl L.

Stomach Cancer Survivor

“No matter what kind of cancer you have, no matter what kind of treatment, no matter what support you have outside of doctors, and no matter where your stage or level of acceptance is of your stage or diagnosis- this program definitely will help.

- Lexie P.

Osteosarcoma Survivor

It is the opportunity of seeing yourself grow, through talking

- Kaitlynn T.

Ewings Sarcoma Survivor

“They work as a team with other doctors, because it takes a team to combat cancer.”

- Treena E.

Breast Cancer Survivor