This is the first time in a year and half of treatment, I have felt someone is actually listening to me.
— Pam, Survivor Healthcare Patient
I have not felt this good in many months, maybe years.
— Peter, Survivor Healthcare Patient
Thank you for the work you did on my father’s case. Your insights were brilliant and you opened our eyes to the need for a highly skilled medical advisor who can help navigate through an intensely complex industry
— Alexandra, Survivor Healthcare Client, London, UK

John’s skill and passion to shepherd innovation by understanding and listening to scientists and then seeking direct application to the community, represents a unique niche in medicine.
— Dr. Chris Johnson, University of Utah

John’s willingness to push the envelope for rapid diffusion of innovation and health policy are important competencies for any medical business wanting to penetrate into today’s crowded market place
— Reid Robison, M.D., CEO Tute Genomics

As a health educator with extensive experience in research, policy, and product development, John is uniquely situated to help advance research from the bench to the bedside
— Guilherme Del Fiol, M.D., Assistant Professor University of Utah, Dept. of Biomedical Informatics