At Survivor Healthcare, we value your care above all else. This means that we bill your insurance and accept payment from insurance as sole payment.

We do not balance bill, surprise bill, or charge cash prices.

We never never turn patients away based on ability to pay.

What is

Balance Billing?

When Survivor Healthcare bills insurances, patients may see insurance statements (Explanation of Benefits) that show what was billed, what insurance paid and what the patient may owe based on that claim.

Balance Billing (also known as Surprise Billing) happens when companies then charge the remainder of what the insurance didn’t pay - to the patient.

Survivor Healthcare writes off any patient responsibility. We do not charge or collect balance bills.

Also known as "Surprise Billing"

Why does Survivor Healthcare

Not Balance Bill?

Because cancer care can cause financial hardship.

Survivor Healthcare’s core values are to improve lives, and avoid contribution to financial hardship.

We are building a financial structure that keeps this in mind, and keeps care sustainable and accessible to everyone.

Co-pays and Deductibles

Survivor Healthcare is not legally allowed to write off insurance deductibles or co-pays. We don’t collect them, and are working alongside the insurance systems so these don’t apply to our care.