We are a

Telemedicine company

Visits with Survivor Healthcare are exclusively via telemedicine.

You can have your visit anywhere you feel comfortable and have internet access!

What do we treat?

Cancer Related Disease Trauma

Cancer is tough.

When psychological health, physical health, social health and/or financial health are negatively impacted by the journey in a way that limits the quality of life-

that's cancer related disease trauma.

What do we treat?

Cancer Related Cognitive Impairment

Often referred to as "chemo-fog", "brain-fog", or "chemo-brain".

CRCI is characterized by struggle with memory, word finding, distractibility, difficulty completing tasks, organizing, and decision making.

Often heavy mental tasks make you physically tired, too!

Real people,

with real outcomes

Consider these your wellness vital signs

Using patient reported outcomes (PRO), we capture and measure the cancer experience.

We examine and monitor mental, physical, and financial health, and use these data points to help guide your care.

Over time, these PRO measures become a litmus test as to how our patients are truly doing.

We are here with you the whole way.

We have oncology experienced clinicians who work together to develop a care plan for your best health outcomes.

person using laptop computer

Physician Assistant

person in black long sleeve shirt holding babys feet

Health Counselor

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Occupational Therapist